Jealous Bots

Why not spend some leisure time with a few quality 2D games? Not only will they ensure hours of fun gameplay, they’ll also form a bond with you. Packed with multiplayer and cross-platform support, you’ll never miss out on the fun should you ever switch devices.

Little Robbie, a special robot from Earth has been sent to planet Oogle! But resident bots on this planet are wary of outsiders and invaders. Seeing Robbie land, the bots try to capture him. Help Robbie escape – Grab gold plates and magical power-ups on your way, run as far as you can and survive the intense chase!


★ Play as two different characters
★ Easy controls : Tap to jump, Slide down to descend!
★ Steer clear of treacherous rocks and mines
★ Dodge gun shots fired your way by the flying Nanite bot as it follows you
★ Compete with friends and set high scores on leaderboards
★ Collect gold plates and equip new upgrades for FREE
★ Unlock and discover unknown new worlds
★ Earn achievements as you progress further
★ Use gadgets and assist your run!


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